Houseplants have a life of their own and so they can sometimes get a look that you don’t necessarily like. Leaves that get ugly brown spots or stems that grow in all directions. A shame, because a houseplant looks a lot less beautiful in the room that way. Fortunately, you don’t have to aim the houseplant directly into the green container, but you may still be able to save it. This way you can make an ugly houseplant beautiful again.

What do the leaves say to plants?
An ugly houseplant is often caused by discolored leaves. Plant leaves can say a lot about the health of the plant. Does the plant have brown leaves or maybe yellow? Then it is often a water or light problem. Take a good look at your plant’s leaves and identify what’s wrong with them so you can fix it. Also Google the name of the plant to find out more about the plant’s needs.

The scissors in
If a houseplant has many unsightly leaves, you would prefer to use pruning shears. Or if the plant is no longer growing in balance, it can also help to get rid of some leaves. Do not immediately put the scissors in the first stem you see, but first check how you do it correctly. For example, it is best to prune houseplants from March and not in the winter period. Also discover these do’s and don’ts for pruning houseplants.

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