Almost every plant lover has at least one at home: a cactus. They do not grow quickly and require little attention, but sometimes the cactus has to be repotted. Repotting a cactus is a bigger task than repotting normal plants. This is of course due to the characteristic spines. Be careful not to get stung! How to safely repot a cactus.

When do you repot a cactus?
You can actually repot plants all year round, but the best period is the growing season. It runs from about March to October. Due to the presence of, for example, more sunlight, the plants have much more energy for root recovery.

If the cactus becomes too big for the pot, it is clearly time for a new one. Otherwise, the roots will not have enough room to grow further. Even if the cactus does not seem too big for the pot, you should always check the root system. When the pot is fully rooted, it is also time for a new residence

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